Behind this promising slogan there is a travel agency with a nearly two decade history focusing mostly on
  incoming tourism owned by Mr. Vasilis Spinoulas.


         What would you like to direct people’s attention to?

         In the last two decades I have been arranging and managing organised and private vacations of different nationalities. For instance I was cooperating with 3 travel agencies from almost the beginning which shows their satisfaction. With this slogan I wanted to point out the agency’s phylosophy. What I mean is that we all have to bear in mind that its first of all in our hands to ensure that our clients leave Corfu with many positive experiences and content. Its us who is here to serve the clients and not the other way around. My target is to provide them high quality services and a secure feeling.


         You have mentioned services and quality. What exactly do you mean?

         Tourism and the touristic market have gone through a tremendous change. A strong competition has developed and in my opinion only those can survive who are able to provide many services at the same time in order to fulfill a wide range of the client’s expectations. This means that I make sure to offer good quality apartments and hotels, I organise transfers from the airport even by bus if  there are many people coming at the same time. This applies also for individual arrivals during which our clients receive general information regarding their stay at the island. Bike and car rentals are done by reliable partners for whose work I take responsibility. I organise facultative trips which provides an alternative to relax to even those who are different from the classical tourist and keep returning here. The tourists can reache me 24 hours a day in case there is a problem to be solved and the door of my office is open too if there is any issue to be solved or just for a friendly chat. This gives a very strong sense of security to all.


       How many people are you able to offer such a high quality service?

          My agency grew stronger during the years. At the beginning I was working with about 40 people a week, currently this number goes up to 500 in the main season or reaches even 600 people. To ensure the satisfaction of so many clients is possible through a fully devoted team, personal experience and a good name in the touristic branch.

         Beside your business success how do you see your future?

          My goal is to become Corfu’s most preferred high niveau tourist partner through quick growth, efficient and
          responsible management. This success can be achieved through preparedness of my colleagues, knowledge of local
          and international markets as well as targeted development of the communication.